"Where analysis, process, and technology converge"
"Where analysis, process, and technology converge"


Rockbridge Consulting LLC provides support to today’s most critical defense, intelligence, and law enforcement missions through detailed analysis, process improvement, and technology innovation.  


Our solutions include:


Intelligence Analysis & Support

“Providing all-source intelligence analysis solutions to defense, intelligence, and law enforcement problems”

  • Multi-INT Capabilities

  • All-Source Analysis

  • Watchlisting & DOMEX Analysis


Process Improvement

“Providing Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) to drive increased efficiencies, lower cost, and greater throughput”

  • Strategic Plan Development

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Executive Communications


IT Support

“Applying cutting-edge, cross-industry, and cross-domain technology innovation to enhance the analytical process and results”

  • IT Program & Project Management

  • Financial Program Management

  • Strategic Planning, SOP, and CONOPS



“Combining analytical process knowledge with IT tools provides a rich learning environment that enhances the quality of intel products”

  • Intelligence Analysis Training

  • Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

  • Classroom or Computer-based Training (CBT)
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